Before Christ was crucified he went to the temple and overturned the tables of the merchants that were selling their goods.  Basically they were selling God’s word for a couple of bucks.  Ironically, we see the same things going on on today.  Correct me if I am wrong, but Christ never asked for money for speaking the truth.

Would you go to any of the churches in the world and sell you blankets, holy water, or other merchandise?  This puts a false belief in the young christian that somehow they are going to be blessed if they buy any of the items sold in the church.  Really?  Prayer beads, goat horns I have seen it all.  As I have said before, if you pay for your salvation or redemption, your Father in heaven is not going to bless you.  How does a rams horn, holy water or other devices ensure your salvation.  If I am wrong please correct me. Praying to a stone figure does not get you any closer to God.

Praying to a stone figure does not get you any closer to our heavenly Father.  The Greek and Roman empires had all kinds of statues they prayed to; where are they at today?  They are all gone.  Did the gods did not like them?  Did they not sacrifice enough?  Christ dictates that a statue has no redemptive power to provide you with salvation of your sins.  The only truth is Christ’s word and it has lasted over 2000 years and that provides redemption only by your faith.  You can count the number of empires that have fallen during that time, and if you do, you will run out of fingers.

Praying to the Virgin Mary.  Does anyone know what she looks like?  Why is she only mentioned for a short time in the Gospels?  She is venerated around the world as being co-equal with Christ, not true.  Mary could not have had salvation if Christ would not have risen. She is to be honored, she is the mother of our Lord and Savior.  Let me clue you Christ and Mary are a composite image of all men and women in the world with Christ being at the head.  He is the head of the Body of believers.  There is no skin color, no height requirements and definitely not by being endowed with 14000 PHD’s to make yourself smarter than everyone else.  Everyday women all over the world birth Christ in their womb that nourish their hearts and sustains their life, all by faith.

So it does not seem one sided, Evangelicals and Charismatic christians go around the world preaching that if you give enough money,  miraculously the Father will make you rich and give you good health.   This type of preaching is very damaging for most people that do not have very much.  They will give their last dollar just to have their prayer answered.  Explain to me how the only ones that get rich are the merchants in the temple.  I watched one of the televangelist on television the other day and he wished he had a jet to fly around in.  Seems to me that the money for that jet should be used to feed and take care of the poor.  The poor still suffer.

Lets see a raise of hands.  Have you ever read the Book of Job?  What power does Satan have over you?  Answer, free will, your free will, that is Satan’s only power.  Job believed in the Father over his friends and family.  He suffered greatly no different then people today.  What is worth more than gold or silver?  Read Proverbs, it is knowledge and wisdom that any treasure will buy for you.  So if you think that your prayers are not being answered, maybe you should recheck what you have been told.

Someday we are all going to sit before our Father and He is going to open the Book of Life and your name will come up, and He says to you, Why did you pray to that rock (or whatever it might be) and not to Me. Then He is going to tell you, You never knew my Son, you never knew me.  Then the prison doors are going to close on you and there will be no pardon.

Me and my wife are going to travel back to Jerusalem like the Magi of old, to see the return of Christ and the Church.  Someday we will see His return.