Law clashes with Grace

Paul wrote a letter to the Christians that were living in Colossae, it was written while Paul was in prison around 51 ad.  The early christian church was allowing the Law (Old Testament) to mingled with Grace (New Testament) and to be preached from the pulpit.  We are still seeing Law and Grace being to taught today from the pulpits of Catholicism and Reformed Christianity.  So before Christ was crucified, the Jews were under the Law.  Because Christ rose from the grave, believers in Christ are now under Grace (New Testament).

Examples of the Law in use today.

  1. Confessing of your sins before man so he can talk to God to absolve you of your sins.  As if man has some magical power to talk directly to the God.  This means that you do not believe that Christ did not rise from the dead.
  2. Tithing: The Father did not sacrifice His one and only son for money but so that the whole world could be saved through one perfect sacrificial lamb.
  3. To identify yourself as a Catholic, Methodist , Baptist, 4 Square, Lutheran and the list goes on which would mean that you are still believing in man made Laws. Remember these are different denominations created by man not by Christ.  The true believer belongs to Christ not to an identifier.

Paul also told the Church of Colossae that it was wrong to preach anything that was to make you think or others think you are somehow more spiritual than others. To have the common person think that they just are not spiritual enough.  To make someone  question their Salvation in Christ is a lie of the devil.

To summarize: Christ is the head of the body (church) and we are to become part of his body.   We can do nothing to make ourselves more or less spiritual than others.  To perceive someone is spiritual is a lie.  We believe by faith in Christ for our salvation  and redemption.  Neither one costs money to obtain.

Under Grace we come before Christ in faith and belief by our own freewill.  This is the simple mystery of the ages.