I am an old now and perhaps like it says … Your old men will see visions… In Isaiah chapter 33, verse 17: Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty: they shall behold the land that is far off.

Me and my Princess started our walk back to Jerusalem many years ago holding hands.  We are now getting closer to the gates.  Someday in the near future Father will be there waiting for us with open arms.  We have traveled through the countless halls of truth and departed because we could not see the Glory of Christ.  I have been kicked out of a lot of temples because I asked questions about what was being preached.   The path to Jerusalem is fraught with self-edification.  In Colossians 2 verse 20…. Wherefore if ye be dead in Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances. after the commandments and doctrines of men? Interesting thought. Paul was warning the Church in 51 AD not to become self- edifying thereby killing the preeminence of Christ.  It must be noted although it was prophecy, Christ was crucified by mens commandments and doctrines.

Self gratification has many shades in the halls of the temple;

  • Tithing:  Under Grace this doctrine has a new meaning; … For I mean not that other men be eased and you are burdened:…2Cor:13. Simple means all your bills are paid, shelter  and in today’s age you have transportation. Your excess you help your neighbor simple as that. They pull tithing from the Law and put a yoke around your neck.  The Law kills the spirit of giving just like the crowds of yesteryear you are guilty of crucifying Christ.
  • Tongues: I have sat in the temples and all of a sudden the guy next to me starts speaking some kind of garbled speech personally I think it is a version of klingon.  You do not know what he is saying unless he or she explains to you. Really? The Holy Spirit came upon folks to be able to converse and present the Glory of Christ to  people that never heard of such things before.  How does garbled speech in anyway edify Christ?
  • Healing: You hear this from the temples all the time. You give enough money you will prosper and have good health the rest of your life. Seriously? Then common sense would tell me there would be more rich christians in the world and no one would die in the physical realm.  You convey the Truth of Christ and the deaf will hear, the blind will see and the crippling effects of sin will disappear.  Do we have the power to heal in the physical realm ? Yes! It did not go away at the Cross but was resurrected in Christ.

These are just some of the commandments and doctrines present in the temples today no different then two thousand years ago created by men.  Every Sunday across the world the temples of half truths  crucify Christs Word over and over again.  Trying to dull the sword of  Truth. Can not be done, Amen.

Well it is time for me and my Princess to pack up our belongings under the Tree of Life and continue our journey under the blazing son. A lot more towns to visit before we reach our destination.  It saddens me that the ones that suffer the most are the women, the brides of Christ at the commandments of men.  Been like that since the Garden. Well hope to see you in Jerusalem someday.  Say your prayers always.