Well it is that time of the year we celebrate the birth of Christ.  A joyous time of the year for the whole world to celebrate.  We know the Angel of the Lord appeared before Mary and spoke….The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee: therefore that holy thing which shall be be born of thee shall be called the Son of God….Luke 1:35. The words to pay attention to in this scripture is the word Holy Ghost. What does it mean, Holy Spirit.?

Definition of the Word Holy Ghost as noted in the Greek Lexicon as follows; Winds, Spirit, Spirit {of the Lord, of God, of Truth, Holy Ghost, (Jesus own) spirit.}. What you also see in this verse is the Trinity ie, Holy Ghost, power of the highest and the Son.  In all my years in the Church they have never been pointed out the Trinity in that verse. No wonder people have a hard time understanding the Trinity.  So this scripture is telling you that the Holy Spirit impregnated (Truth) Mary (by the power of the Father).

Now it begs the question why a virgin?  Well we have to travel back to the Garden.  In Gen: 2; 16-17…. The Lord told mankind(Adam) if you eat from the Tree of Good and Evil you will surely die.  Then the Lord created woman (Eve).  So when Eve ate of the fruit then Adam in turn ate the fruit, mankind was destined to die of sin. Remember Adam was already warned of the consequences of disobeying the Lord. So a redemption had to take place and which was through a virgin birth. Redemption has always been prophesied  throughout the Old Testament.  Ish.7: 14…..Therefore the Lord himself give you a sign, Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and you shall call his name Immanuel…

So in conclusion man was already in sin and Christ cannot be born of a sinful nature had to be born of a virgin. Redemption through Christ gave mankind a second chance to renounce sin.   Some religions of the world tell you to pray to the Virgin Mary and the Lord will hear your prayers.  For starters praying to rock violates the second commandment… You shall make no idols…ie. carved images, graven images, images ,quarries… I am not sure how praying to a rock has any power to mediate between you and the Father..

So we (men and women) talk directly to the Father by faith in Christ, by the Holy Spirit, a statue has no power unless you like talking to a rock. My mediator and saviour is Christ by my freewill of faith.  The body of Christ is a composite image of all true believers ( men and women).   Everyday women are impregnated by the Holy Spirit and birth Truth in their womb by the power of the Father.  The womb is symbolic of life .  The heart sustains life.