Polar Express a 2004, 3d animated Christmas musical fantasy based on a 1985 Christmas book.  It is a great film for children and the spirit of Santa Claus that lie in their hearts.  It is a great movie to watch. Fast forward, there is a scene at the end of the movie. Whereby a young boy gets hold of a bell that fell off a Reindeer. He and his sister are the only ones that can hear the chime of the bell.  His parents cannot hear the chime.

    I watched the Polar Express last night and the that last scene struck me. Like my blog post yesterday first century christians (Nuclear Family). It struck me the parallels between an animated movie and Christ in Jerusalem at that time. I will explain in just a minute.

    Towards the end of the movie I was reading some of my emails. There was a blog post from a young lady it was titled, ” Where have all the young people gone”.  What the young lady was referring to was the absence of young people in the Church today.

   Me when I want to talk directly to the Father I always go outside and look towards the east just like the Magi. My Father and I have a direct line of communication. I contemplated that movie and what the young lady was talking about.  

  Like now in the first century people came from miles around to hear Christ and to touch his garments.  Just like in the movie people grew up and they could not hear the chime of the sleigh bell.  

     The young people of the late 60’s grew up with Saul Alinsky a devout communist.  The voice of Christ is becoming silent to allow room for the companions of racism and progressivism.  This is the prodigal sons and daughters of liberal theology promoted by the hand of dolts with the covering of Satan.