The picture of the nuclear bomb is interesting. You have a large atom at the center and little atoms swirling around the nucleus.  If it is not contained it will blow up with devastating consequences.  Hmmm reminds me of the family structures present day .download.jpg

The concept of the nuclear family used to be taught in western schools until the turmoils of the late 1960’s.  Like anything else the definitions of the nuclear family has changed present day to include all manners of abomination.  Satan thru his dolts love to change the definitions of words to make them look acceptable. Don,t figure.

To have a perspective of the Christian family in the New Testament time we travel back to Jerusalem.  The trappings of the Greco-Roman

Ideas about the nuclear family should be understood within the first century context in which living conditions varied, considerably between the small, well off aristocracy and the majority of the population that were poor, and vulnerable and lived marginal lives.  We can perceive the same things today around the world including your own neighborhoods. The majority of the people suffered from generally poor living conditions whether in a rural or urban environment, undernourished living with poor hygiene.  Living conditions were characterized by substandard sanitation, safety coupled with high child mortality rates, low life expectancy and overt violence that was normalised through portrayal and practice.  Sexuality was normalized through exposure by public displays through art and sculptures. Adding fuel to the fire the lack of privacy through material ( cramped living quarters with no privacy) and structural ( slaves overtly tending to very intimate needs of their owners) conditions.

The idea of the nuclear family by city codes that been in place now became untenable for the Roman emperors. The Roman emperor became the head of the household thereby circumventing established family codes of agnatic that had been there for centuries.  It was their desire to ground their authority and power through the fatherhood claim.  The family became the foundational unit of the state in the times of antiquity supported by household codes that served as  model for political order.

It was not to long before the Roman emperor constituted a three fold authority, political leader, priestly lord and beneficial head a the communal family.Christianity.

Christ came into being an established an agnatic order that was established by the Father. He went against the social norms of the day. His lineage was established all the way back to the Garden in agnatic terms.  Adam was an epiphany of Christ and Eve the epiphany of the Church ( the bride).   There are multiple images in the Garden which is for another day.

nuclear family

Christ established the agnatic order [nuclear family]. Father is the center of your household (Father , Son and Holy Ghost.), the husband is the head (Adam) and the wife is co counsel(Eve) and the children(sons and daughters) are instructed by the authority of Christ by faith.

What I see here you have two choices gotta love free will. We can either be like the image in the Book of Daniel.Christianity. Whereupon your family will blow apart or we can take up the Cross and preserve your agnatic lineage for eternity by faith.  The choice for me is easy, walk back to Jerusalem to Christ and sit at his feet.   That is where I am headed.  Where are you headed?  Like a Marine only the few will enter service(144,00).pic6