I  am beginning to realize how much religious domaga has corrupted everyone.  I live and breathe Christ. When I go before my Father he is going to ask me why I did not help my sons or daughters.  Make a note new believers are children in the Word.  I will share this with you just to get a consensus.  I shared the word with someone in a far away country,for this  I have been judged by people that I have known for years and this includes so called Christian counselors.  If you have read the Word in the Old Testament , it tells the young people to seek the counsel of elders.  I am 65 yrs old, anyone younger than myself is a child because of their lack of maturity in the Word.  According to the Word it is my duty to teach the youngsters, including my sons and their families.  I was teaching a young person how to feed themselves instead I made a mistake with my wife of 46 yrs by hiding this from her and for this I have asked her for forgiveness.  Only time will heal the wounds.  We only learn if we make mistakes.  That is the brutality of life.

Paul knew when he wrote to the Church of the Corinthians, the Corinthians claimed to be Christians, but at the end of the day they hid their talents.  The Romans were an oppressive people and created an environment that kept Christians and Jews in a poverty stricken state.  When you come to Christ we are not to give false hope to new believers that life will be a success story for them if they believe.   As elders we are to open their eyes to the Truth of Christ and His sacrifice for our sins.  We are to give them assurance of the salvation in Christ through the seed of faith.

I will not hide my talents that were given to me by my Father in heaven.  I will not change my belief for anyone. When I am called home, then I will rest. Christ will tell the Father that I have finished the race, when the Book of Life is opened.

I have been a Christian for about 30yrs and have gone through the platitudes of Christianity and they are meaningless conversations.  I understand now what it means when the Word says that only a few will enter into the Kingdom of God.  No one nowadays has the integrity to define the Word.

I have done my best to teach the Word to those who have an ear to hear and the willingness to learn.

Joshua 24:15 ….as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.