Sitting this morning around 5:30 drinking coffee . Watching the brightest phase of the moon this year called a supermoon.  Next time this happens is around 2034.  I starting thinking about the basic laws of physics. Everything decays or dies no getting around that.  The earth slows its rotation so much every year and the moon comes closer to earth every year.  Hurricanes are stronger, floods and earthquakes are becoming the norm. Climate change or could it be the decreasing gravitational pull.

Climate change is a bit of a lie. Sure man contributes to a certain degree.  However Mr. Physics has the upper hand no way to change his mind.   Climate change takes your eyes off the real goal, eternal life through Christ. Satan the great deceiver uses the minds of dolts .

I,m just a comman man who believes in Christ Jesus. Me and my family , sons, daughter in laws, grandkids and a great grandkid all have an all expense paid trip to Jerusalem. Courtesy of Christ shedding his blood for our sins. All it cost me was faith in my Father.