Me and my lovely wife have walked the deserts looking for the Truth of the Word perhaps 30 yrs or more.  The deserts are a figurative expression of travel in our journey to find out who we are in Christ and our purpose in life.  The journey took us from church to church never finding the Truth.  Needless to say it was an objective failure. However I learned the Word on my own and it bore fruit after years of searching for the Father.

Along our journey I have come across numerous folks who are disillusioned with the church.  Does not matter what church you go to, they feed the congregation a watered down gospel.  Day after day and year after year,  the hurt and the emptiness in our heart does not go away.  This especially impacts the women because they are the weaker spirit and man destroyed them in their younger age.  The wounds are deep and their cries are not heard.

They want to rid themselves of the wounds and stripes that men have caused.  Adam in the Garden was told if he ate from the Tree of Good and Evil, he would die.  Man was supposed to protect the woman but he did not.  So, since the beginning of time women have been subjected to sexual immorality and other abuses.  What really bothers me is that they blame themselves and carry that guilt for a long time.  Sometimes the pain of guilt never heals and the wounds hidden in their hearts are never healed.  So they search for Christ and all they find is milk and more milk year after year.  They sit in the pews and are never taught who they are in Christ.

The Pastors do not teach that the woman is the church, nor do they teach the men who they are in the Word of God.  Do not be disillusioned, please spend time reading and studying the word on a daily basis and the hurting will disappear in time.  Be faithful and obey His word.  The church has no empathy, most just want money for their buildings and warm bodies in the pews.   Do not let them tell you that you don’t have enough faith.  I have been around people that have been in the church for 40 yrs, some do not even know what it means to be saved.  That is a tragedy.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like.  You are welcome to tag along.



Tower of Babel

Blah Blah Blah


There is historical evidence for the tower of Babel in ancient Babylon  that is not in dispute.   The dispute comes when scholars try to figure out the theme of the story concluding that the worlds diversity of languages comes from Babylon.

If you read Gen. 11: 1-9 it tells  of the descendants of Noah that were united by one divine  language (belief in the Lord) with a divine command to replenish the earth. So the language was an inheritance and obiedience to the will of the Lord.  So in man’s arrogance he decided to build a tower to reach the heavens to be co-equal with the Lord to preach their own version of the Lord’s will.  Quote; ” a tower whose top may reach unto heaven”, this is a common figurative expressions of great height.  This is man’s ability and proposensity to cross boundaries and of the Lord’s endeavor to halt such behavior.   God’s word has no boundaries and people searching for the truth should be allowed to cross into the Kingdom without hindrance.

The divine command to repopulate the world picks up in the New Testament. Where we as Christians are to tell the truth of the Word to others.  So to repopulate is also a figurative expression to preach the Truth of the Word  under Grace to others .  In the narrative of Babel it never states that God destroyed the tower.  What do you think this means to you ?

The tower has always existed since the time of the ancients to present day.  Man’s arrogance is still prevalent in the temples.  There are preachers that claim they  preach the Truth better than the other preachers down the road.  They keep trying to reinvent the mousetrap, to put a hook in your nose( so to speak), and lead you around.  They all have one thing in common, they all serve you milk, half truths and watered down gospels.  Learn to raise your hand and ask questions if something strikes you wrong.

I remember being in a church one year and the pastor was preaching about lust in a man’s eye.  The whole time he was preaching he was making eye contact with all the males in the pews.  However his premise was that, since he was a godly man, such things did not exist in his eyes (mind).  If that were true that would put him on the same plane as Christ.  Like Paul states that we sin everyday and that we should  to be on guard.  I ask the pastor that question concerning lust in his eyes after the service.  Needless to say, he kicked me out of the church.

So like the Jews wandering in the desert for 40 yrs.  Me and my wife have wandered in the desert (church to church, town to town) looking for the promised land, which is the truth.  The journey for us is coming to an end and we are approaching the promised land in the near future, the city of Jerusalem.

Study the Word on your own, ask questions , drown out the noise of the world and approach the Throne of your Father with boldness and confidence.  If something does not sound right be quick to raise your hand and ask questions.


        A Journey in Time

Christ was born during the reign of Caesar Augustus one of the greatest caesars that turned Rome from a republic to an empire.  Most scholars believe Christ was born between 6 BC and 4 BC.  So it was during this time period that Caesar Augustus decreed that everyone in the known world be taxed into his own city (Lk.2:3).

So Joseph with Mary, his espoused wife, went to Bethlehem (Joseph was of the house and lineage of David) to have her child.   “And she brought forth her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them at the Inn”.  The word for manger in the Hebrew language means stall (AWRYA).

The reason I highlight the word manger is because some of our  learned scholars in the Temple do no believe that Christ was born in squalid conditions.  They believe that since Joseph was well off that Christ was born at an Inn. I have heard these stories over the years.  The Word states manger, so I will stick with that narrative.

The truth of the matter is that Christ had to be born a man.  The circumstances of his birth were harsh.  We, like the new born Christ, are like an infant, helpless and dejected born into a mean situation.  The Father knows that parents want to indulge their children in the best that the world has to offer;  lodging, food, education, and clothes.  If the Son of God was born for sake of an argument in a hotel room then the poor would envy the rich and the rich would disdain the poor.

So by Faith when we view the Son of God in a manger; our vanity, our ambition, and envy are put in the closet.  Objectively, we can not seek great things for ourselves or our children.  The birth of Christ sets the stage for our redemption later in our lives.

So tomorrow Christ will be born from the womb throughout the world and the angels of high will sing praises of Glory, ” Hosanna in the Highest”.  The Wise Men will show up and present the perfumes of Life to the Son of God.  Amen


   Law clashes with Grace

Paul wrote a letter to the Christians that were living in Colossae, it was written while Paul was in prison around 51 ad.  The early christian church was allowing the Law (Old Testament) to mingled with Grace (New Testament) and to be preached from the pulpit.  We are still seeing Law and Grace being to taught today from the pulpits of Catholicism and Reformed Christianity.  So before Christ was crucified, the Jews were under the Law.  Because Christ rose from the grave, believers in Christ are now under Grace (New Testament).

Examples of the Law in use today.

  1. Confessing of your sins before man so he can talk to God to absolve you of your sins.  As if man has some magical power to talk directly to the God.  This means that you do not believe that Christ did not rise from the dead.
  2. Tithing: The Father did not sacrifice His one and only son for money but so that the whole world could be saved through one perfect sacrificial lamb.
  3. To identify yourself as a Catholic, Methodist , Baptist, 4 Square, Lutheran and the list goes on which would mean that you are still believing in man made Laws. Remember these are different denominations created by man not by Christ.  The true believer belongs to Christ not to an identifier.

Paul also told the Church of Colossae that it was wrong to preach anything that was to make you think or others think you are somehow more spiritual than others. To have the common person think that they just are not spiritual enough.  To make someone  question their Salvation in Christ is a lie of the devil.

To summarize: Christ is the head of the body (church) and we are to become part of his body.   We can do nothing to make ourselves more or less spiritual than others.  To perceive someone is spiritual is a lie.  We believe by faith in Christ for our salvation  and redemption.  Neither one costs money to obtain.

Under Grace we come before Christ in faith and belief by our own freewill.  This is the simple mystery of the ages.



These are interesting words that are often misaligned by the pulpit. The Church only teaches you half -truths because they know that no one will question their authority.  I am just a common man with a love for our Father, I hold no affiliations with any of the thousands of religions of the world.  Just a concentric view of our Lord.  In my walk with Christ I try to always remembered the scripture that tells me that there are no mysteries in the Word, the only one that makes it a mystery is MAN.  Right now we will look at the  word Redemption.

What does redemption mean to the Christian?  If you followed my blog yesterday, MAN ( Adam, Mark, Sam), has a dual side to his character, good and evil.  Adam chose evil and ever since then man has been destroying the Church ( Susan, Beth ect.). In the manner of molestation, rape, domestic violence, etc.  The woman is the Church, the nourriture, she teaches the children how to live a godly life and also helps her husband in their married life.  So when man fell, Father in his infinite wisdom knew man had to have a redemptive process for the evil inherent in his spirit.  The Father gave His only begotten son as a sacrifice to absolve our sins, a change from the law of the Old Testament.  In the Old Testament you were to go to a Priest so that he could speak God on your behalf; your sins were rolled over.  In the New Testament we are not under the Law, we are under Grace.

Notwithstanding, salvation is your faith that Christ died for your sins and rose from the dead.  My faith is based on that one premise, simple as that.  I have been in and around churches for  the last 30yrs or so and the majority teach the same thing, that you are to pay our Father in heaven money for our redemption and salvation.  Do you believe that our Father sacrificed His only begotten Son to save us from our sins so that He could turn around and charge us for salvation?

Yesterday I was watching a well known Pastor and he brought up  a word I have never heard of before.  Redemptive blessings.  His premise was that you give your first moneys to the church and your Father will make sure you have good health and are financially well off.  Really?  Again I will ask, do I have to pay my Father for Redemption and Salvation?  The Lord created you to have a personal relationship with you.  The Lord  loves me and the Lord loves you too.   Just remember that the Lord loves a generous giver.

For the women that read this blog, read Song of Songs and put your name in it.  The book was written by King Solomon who is an epiphany of Christ.  He is describing the beauty of the bride of Christ, which is the Church.

Inconclusion. When Paul was talking to to the church in 2nd Corinthians 8: 12-14, Paul was talking to a corrupt church, a church that professed to believe in Christ but did not believe in the resurrection.  Remember this were New Testament times.  Pay attention to verse 12…. For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have (NIV)… What this means is simple, you do not take food off the table, but you do make sure that all bills are paid: then the excess you have, give with a willing and joyful heart.  The Father is not going to give me bad health and tell me that He will not let me prosper, everything I have is His and He can take it whenever He wants to.  It is no wonder I run across people who are concerned about their redemption and salvation in Christ.

Tag along and lets walk to Jerusalem; our inheritance.  See you Monday and have a great weekend. Remember to talk to your Father.