One God One Faith Two People One Family

I believe the Word of God to be inspired by the simple fact that it displays the quintessential of man’s intrinsic nature to control others through the manipulations from the Word of God, to build their Temples and other religious absolution’s, to make you feel good about yourself.   I have spent years reading the Word and the further I go into the Word the more that it reveals to me.  It is like a clear pool water where you can never see the bottom in its fullness.

The key to understanding the written Word is simply to have a desire to seek knowledge and not leave it up to man to answer or teach you about your spirituality or as it is aptly put to know what your purpose is in life.  I use the King James Bible for the simple fact it is closer to the original translations of the Hebrew language even then man has come in and changed the wording in some areas of the Bible.  Notwithstanding it still portrays the intrinsic nature and essence the spirit of the Word as it applies to the family unit and the individual.

The Word was never a collective bargaining unit to guide a nation as a whole due to the fact man will always screw up the Word and twist it like a serpent.   When we use the word Man we are referring to the pastors of churches that guide your beliefs your families in whatever part of the world you live in.   In the Word they are called the kings and the queens who done the  robes of so-called spirituality to teach you nothing but a biased outcome of their political governance on how you should act think and talk to what you should wear in the their mega Temples.

Whether you believe that God inspired the Word or not it is not for me to contend with I know what I believe.  God pick a small nation to show you the  trials and tribulations that a small group of people went through to find a mocrem of civility in a land of darkness that is still prevalent to this day around the world.   Whether you live in China, America or in Asia.  The outcome will always be the same, you follow the Temples of man, the pastors the shaman’s or whatever they call themselves you just going down a pit of darkness and will never understand the fullness of the Word.

America by its own right has two temples in Christianity, one who believes that they have the keys to your salvation that they want to save the entire world.  This is where you come up with the belief that God who created you wanted everyone worldwide to have the same clothes, cars, wealth ect.  They give you the judgements of open borders and climate control which is nothing more than a Marxist ideology to somehow create a worldwide utopia.  The other Temple tells you that all you have to do is wait on the Lord and he will come back and fix the ills of the world and create a utopia.

Again Christ never said He was going to save the world from itself but to save the individual the family from the world that strives to enslave everybody to their justifications of redemptions for their shortcomings blaming some anglicized entity for sins that are exposed, like the Roman Catholic Church in recent times.  The raping of children has gone to the wayside and the individual does not bat an eye because it does not affect them personally.

Then there is the third group of people like myself that walked away from the altars the pastors of the community and decided to seek God and find out the Truth.  Whether the Word is inspired and what it was talking about.  Once I got away from the ziggurat of men, their Babel, I started to look into the shimmering pool of water with no bottom and started seeing the Word for what it is.

It is a narrow walk, the walk man takes with his family and the belief in one God One Faith and one Family to sustain a mocrum of civility and paradise in a totalitarian world of enslavement to the pastors instead of as individual enslavement to the belief in one God.

As long as you follow the altars of man the end result is chaos look at the turmoil around the world.  There is not a country in the world that is not in some kind of conflict all due to religions of man.   God came back one time in the first century to show you that the pastors of religion around the world will lead you into destruction of your family’s.  Man is deceitful that is evident in the Garden. 

Me I have nothing to gain but tell the Truth put it out there and let the reader decide.  I am not interested in building a mega church to save the world but to save those that hear my words to save them from the world of men of the altars that fill their coffers with your blood and water your spirit.

To the young people who have told me to find a good church to reside in.  Well there are hundreds of altars in my city exactly which one should become the object of my Faith.  They all fall short of the glory of God.  Don’t pray for me because I do not find my shelter in a building made out of brick and mortar but have found my shelter within the Words of the Bible.  For me and my family and those around me we serve one God with one Faith and life is richer because of that.  

The Word of God who created you starts out as it states with one God and one Family one earth one heaven.  That is your rebirth in God who created you not contained in brick and mortar.

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Shearhead

24 hours a day for over 8000 years the Family unit, Adam and Eve


One God One Faith One Person One Family in a world of Darkness

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