Dead Man’s Hand



To understand the Genesis of sin you have to look at the seven days of creation.  God created a man’s life in seven days from the first verse in the Genesis to the verse three chapter three the last day of existence the Sabbath, Judgement day, where sin has no more power in the worlds you formed from the worlds created by the Lord.

To understand the Alpha and Omega of sin we first have to define the words and how they are part of the body of sin, mankind.  The birth of the word Alpha comes from the ancient Greeks it means an ox or leader. Your world is defined along two paths and two paths only how you define the written word Alpha, the beginning, and how you use it in your spoken word which is formed in your mind.  Example if I say, God created, then I am telling you that the Lord is the leader or creator of your world the Alpha.  Since I am talking about the Genesis of Sin from the body of men, the Alpha, then I am saying that man is like an ox.  The definition of an ox is an adult bull who’s had his testicles removed. Once you castrate a bull it makes it easier for the animal to be controlled.  Interesting thought when it comes to man lusting after man there can be no life.  Oxen are used in a lot of worlds to thrash wheat to separate it from the chaff, interesting thought.

Context is everything in defining words and how you use them.  The poor will inherit their world only by understanding the context and definitions of the word and how they are used in content. Man’s arrogance has told you from the altars that it is a redistribution of wealth from the king’s and queen’s that you hold court with, all they create is babble which is exactly what it is. The great Tower of Babel, it was not destroyed, it that has been around ever since man decided to name himself father and lord over your world the Alpha.  Knowledge and Wisdom are the riches simply by defining the word and the words you speak and the action that births from your heart to the rest of the members in your world.

The Alpha and the Omega, you have two choices, you have two paths, two ARK’s, and two outcomes similar to playing Poker, one hand, one bet and it accumulates on the seventh day of your life the Sabbath, Judgment.  The second coming of Christ when you see His glory at the Cross and Resurrection in the distance.   The first image of Christ was in the Garden, Adam before the fall, most scholars agree with this.  Christ comes back the third time He slays the Whore of Babylon who sits on the seven hills the spiritual battles that swirl around your world.

The Alpha and the Omega the ARK of Evil, the Dead Man’s Hand inside the ARK are three cards six, six, six.  In contrast the ARK of the Covenant contains three cards all Aces, the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost.


This set of cards is called, in Poker, Dead Man’s Hand, that was held in the hand of Wild Bill Hickok a noted gunfighter in the Old West. Five cards, four are showing a pair of Aces and a pair of eights.  Before he could lay his hand down he was shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall, August 2, 1876.  Although it is not known for sure if Wild Bill Hickok actually held these particular cards.  The notoriety of that event is forever enshrined in the history.  Sin has away of killing your mind and your heart.  If you were holding Three Aces and a pair of Kings, called a Full house, you would take the bet played on the table.

This is the same game that the Whore of Babylon surrounded by the 7 hills, 7 kings, 7 altars that play with your faith.  You are dealt a pair of Aces and a pair of eights a worthless set of cards when you traveled down the birth canal and breathed your first breath of stale air.  The Harlot of Rome has been lying to you for thousands of years and her time is ending.  The seven kings are the seven major religions of the world that you were born into.

I know the Lord plays poker He gave us the rules of the game it called Life.  Your set of cards are the 39 books in the Old Testament. The Alpha and the Omega are only two paths you can play the Ark of the Covenant or the Ark of death.  You will either be holding the Dead Man’s Hand, or you can be holding the ARK of the Covenant. Before you place your bet, you will rest on the Sabbath day. The end of the Old Testament nothing was written for four hundred years period of darkness in your spirit and soul.  This is the seventh day of your creation a day is like years and a year is like a day. Three and a half days from your journey from the Garden, forty years.  Forty days and nights carrying the Ark of death in your cargo hold, your soul and spirit.  A time to leave or stay in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.  A time to take another look at Christ and the Cross and Resurrection.  God sent you two witnesses in the Garden, the Creator and the Spirit of God. Now he sends two witnesses to you Christ, and the Cross, and the Resurrection.  The first witnesses in the Garden and the second witnesses in your time of darkness.

As it is written;

And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

Your bet is will be placed at the feet of Christ.  The stakes are high either you have eternal life and if you lose eternal damnation.  You are not going to be able to call mitigating circumstances after you are called to show your hand.  Christ has already given you the rules of the game they are immutable.  Your hand will either be holding the Dead Man’s Hand, or you will be holding the marks of Christ on your hands.

So, roll the Dice I hope you do not roll a pair of snake eyes, the Dead Man’s Hand







Me I am an old man from Texas who the Father sent me to you.  If you hear my words and see the Truth, then build your Ark to Christ. To those who do not see then suffocate in the Seas  blood that man created.  I sit under the Tree of Life not the Tree of Good and Evil. My letters are to those children that do not want to die.  Hear the words of Christ and arise out of your graves or suffocate at the altars of man. “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night”. 

Everybody plays the Dead Man’s Hand when they are born into the world.

So roll the Dice I hope you do not roll a pair of snake eyes, the Dead Man’s Hand.




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