C-nsTN3VwAAmIV4This site is for the believer that wants to join the Universal Church of Christ.  A belief totally in Christ and not a feel good theology.  Like the Jews of old, the churches that are in America and across the world are scourging Christ.  They teach you nothing and let you die on the Cross. It is all about money to sustain a lifestyle at the expanse of the poor. They do not have images (3)the power to heal you or clothe you in righteousness. Your left naked for the fowl of the air to feast on you.
As you can see from the tree above. In the Hebrew Torah, Old Testament, the definition of Gentiles meant heathen.
From the times of the Roman emperors, the papacy and the-horsemen-of-revelation-the-black-horse-of-famine_0Christianity they only teach you what they want you to know. They keep you unlettered in their teachings because they don’t believe in Christ. 
I like you was blindsided with lies for forty years. My Lord pulled the veil off my face where I was blind, I can see now.  My lord put me back on the path to Jerusalem to the Last Supper.
We as Gentiles are to be grafted into the olive tree of the house of Judea.  We follow the precepts upon precepts of the Mosaic Law, the ten commandments, the Talmud and the Torah and blend them into the teachings of the New Testament. images
When you graft a branch on a tree that branch takes on the characteristics of the parent tree.Christ tore down the partition to the remnant of the elect to be grafted into the Tree of Life, the olive tree. 
Our royal heritage traces our birth back through the times of the ancients back to Abram and Sarah that is 850955fbe507f41014d6138201c60148our adoption. It is the individual responsibility to search out the Word for the Truth. I ‘m just a guide to help you along your walk to Jerusalem where it all began. Make yourself a cup of coffee, stop by and chat awhile. 
Follow me Monday thru Friday every week as I post a new blog on wherever the Lord leads me. Ask Christ into your heart America’s time only has hours left before the horses are set loose.  


“And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wert grafted in among them, and with them  partakes of the root and fatness of the olive tree”; 
Ask Christ into your Heart today.
The Last Supper.