IAM that IAm has Sent Me

I have spent thousands of hours over the last 14 yrs.   Researching ancient manuscripts of the ancient Semitic/ Hebrew pictographs symbols and the Hebrew language. I learned how to read cuneiform script that dates back to around 6000 BC.

I am versed in the 7 major religions of the world and where they came from i.e.;

Ancient Mesopotamia came 3 Women.

  • Islam
  • *Judaism
  • Christianity

There is a vast difference between ancient Semitic/Hebrew and modern-day Judaism.

Ancient Indus River Valley came 4 Women.

  • Buddha
  • Hindu
  • Jainism
  • Taoism

I use 3 sources for contrast;

  • King James it is easy to read. The bulk of the words are transcribed from ancient texts.  However if I was to rewrite the King James, I would strike out the following words, God, LORD, and Christ for starters.  For the simple reason you are serving man i.e.…Mark 12: 42 And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing.   The word farthing is a British coin minted in 1730.  16th Century AD
  • Leningrad Codex, Hebrew language 5th Century BC.
  • Khabouris Codex/ New Testament I Century AD
  • Ancient Semitic/Hebrew pictographs 10 century BC, 10 thousand years BC

The accounts of Genesis goes back to around 6000 BC.

I interpret the Words in the KJV to help you learn what you are reading.  Any of man’s religions will only teach you what they want you to know to keep you illiterate to what the inspired word is actually talking about.  You are worshipping man and man teaches death.  Look around the world on any given day.  Wars and rumours of war.

I teach Creation, the First Witness, Female the Second Witness and the third witness is the Male.

Man either witnesses Creation or he denies Creation.  Man was born with a soul.  Women wore born with the Spirit of Creation.  IAM IAM stood in front of the Woman. Woman stood in front of the Man.

The First Witness, IAM, Creation

The Second Witness IAM, Female

Males either witnesses Creation



Denies Creation

Welcome  to my World

“Come to me as Children”


An Old Rattlesnake